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7th/8th Grade Technology Applications

Welcome to 7th/8th Grade Technology Applications
My name is Coach Rowell. This will be my first year at Navasota ISD and I'm super excited about the opportunity. In addition to my role as Technology Applications teacher at NJH, I am also the Boys Athletic Coordinator for the Fangs. I will be coaching football, basketball, and baseball at the HS. 
A little more about me....I've been married to my wife Adrienne for 10 years and we have 3 kids. Titus is 6, Maximus (yes just like Gladiator) is 5, and our little girl Quinn was born this summer. I'm a graduate of Arizona State University in Tempe, AZ but grew up here in Texas.
Class Schedule
1st period: Athletics
2nd period: Athletics
3rd period: Athletics
4th period: Tech Apps
5th period: Tech Apps
6th period: Tech Apps
7th period: Tech Apps
8th period: Conference (3:01-3:50)
cell 214.608.3780