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Scope and Sequence

1st Nine Weeks
Literary Essentials:
Comprehension 10-13 days
Writing Process 4 days
Literary Analysis and and Composition of Fiction and Literary/Narrative Non-fiction:
Fiction 13-15 days
Non-Fiction 7-10 days

2nd Nine Weeks
Literary Analysis and Composition of Drama and Poetry: 
Drama 8-10 days
Poetry 8-10 days
Analyzing and Composition of Informational Text:
Informational/Author’s Craft 17-20 days

3rd Nine Weeks
Rhetorical Analysis and Composition of Argumentative Texts:
Argumentative 8-10 days
Making Connections:
Across Text Connections 12-14 days

4th Nine Weeks
Synthesize, Create, and Innovate: Research, Novel Study, STAAR Blitz
STAAR Blitz 12 days
Novel Study 8-10 days
Research 10 days