Sydnie Walker » Miss Walker's 7th grade ELAR

Miss Walker's 7th grade ELAR

Contact Information
Phone: (936) 825-4200 Ext. 6112
Conference Time: 2:09-2:57 Mon - Fri
Tutoring Time:
Wednesday and Friday afternoon: 4:10-4:40 (can start at 3:50 to finish earlier if needed)
Please feel free to contact me about anything at anytime. I prefer email that way class time goes uninterrupted. You can call during my conference time listed above.
Notes on grades:
Every Monday I pass out missing assignment sheets to the students who are missing work for my class. They have a full week to makeup the work penalty free. After the week, I will no longer accept the work. I told the students that I am flexible with grading and am always happy to give makeup assignments and extra credit to help them pass. If they put forth the effort, I will do my part too.
If they are absent, the students have been shown the absent assignments bin and have been informed that they have two days to makeup the work before it goes in as a missing assignment in the grade book. 
Rules and Expectations:
Each of my students signed a contract in January stating that they understand my rules and expectations. If an issue should arise, I will contact home before taking further action.
I am so grateful for the opportunity to work with your child. We are going to have a wonderful semester and I hope that you feel encouraged to connect with me about your child's progress. 
Thank You,
Sydnie Walker
7th grade ELAR