Balanda Lipscomb » Mrs. Lipscomb's 6th Grade English Class

Mrs. Lipscomb's 6th Grade English Class

Conference Time:  10:03am-10:53am Monday - Friday
Tutoring Time:  Monday and Wednesday 4:00-4:30pm
As we embark upon another school year I'd like to welcome each of my students to 6th grade English.  I look forward to interacting with them and building strong relationships with each of them.  
Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns you might have.  It is easier to reach me by email during the day as in not to interrupt class time.  I can be reached by phone on my conference period if you need to speak with me.
Students will be able to check their grades on skyward using a laptop or cell phone. Missing grades stay that way until they get report cards and at that time will be recorded as a zero.
If a student choses to turn in missing work keep in mind that the grade will not be higher than a 70 when it is way past the due date.
Student have enough time in my class to make up assignments and re-do them if they aren't pleased with their grade.  
If a student is absent, it is their responsibility to take accountability for completing the assignment.  There will be a bin in the classroom with work for absences.  They will have two days to complete the work before it is recorded as a missing assignment.
Rules and Expectations:
Students are expected to follow school policy and classroom rules at all times.
15/15:  The student isn't allowed to leave my room the first 15 minutes of class or the last 15 minutes.  All students must have their ID when they ask to leave my class or they will not be allowed to go.
Cell Phones:  I have a "ZERO" cell phone tolerance in my classroom.  If I see it out it will be taken away.  There will be a charge of $15 to get it back and will need to be picked up by a parent.
Students have designated areas and times to use their phones and my class time isn't one of them.  Please help me by giving them a little friendly reminder.
Let's have a GREAT year!
Thank You
Mrs. Lipscomb
6th Grade ELAR
Contact: 936=825-4200