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About Mr. Henry

Success Skills
classes use iPads and online lessons to give each student a personalized plan for their learning using a website called "Exact Path".(link below)
To login:
  • Account: NAVA
  • username: students school email
  • password: Students lunch number(without the zeros)
This will be my 32nd year teaching at Navasota Junior High. I have taught math, science, horticulture and agriculture.For 2017-2018 I will have 5 success skills classes and 1 horticulture class.  I've had many of the parents of my current students in class. Several current teachers are also former students of mine. 
My family and I lived in Navasota for many years but in February 2012 my wife and I down sized to a one bedroom apartment in Bryan. WE MISSED NAVASOTA! We have built a house next to Navasota High School and have been back in Navasota for 4 years. 
Our twin daughters attended Navasota schools from kindergarten through the 12th grade.  I have three grandsons, ages 10, 12, & 2 and two granddaughters, ages 5 & 2.
 Conference period 1:10 to 2:00
936-825-4225 ext 6140


One picture is from December 2009 and the other from November 1971.