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Welcome to 6/7/8 grade Math with Ms. Waggoner.  
My class is devoted to students with specific abilities  that require their math to have specialized instruction in order to obtain higher learning objectives.  The specialized instruction is an  Individualized Educational Plans developed by a committee for each student. All students in my class learn in different styles and at different rates. They will  reach their success at their appropriate grade level however it may not look the same as everyone else.  Rather than having a pass/ fail for a success guide we can determine success by a growth rate, progress toward an IEP goal, or a combination of those with a passing STAAR score.  
Students in my room are still taught their appropriate grade level math.  Grade level TEKS are covered by being broken down into smaller tasks then taught step by step with a mastery of each task being the focus.  The ratio of teacher to  student is small so students are able to ask and receive any help they need to find success.
  Any questions or Concerns can always be addressed by conference, phone, or email.  Whatever I can do to provide assistance is something I am more than willing to do.
Tutoring is Available Monday mornings 7:30-7:55 and Tuesdays 3:50-4:15.
I will also make myself available any time possible  Just let me know so arrangements can be made.
My conference is 9:09-9:59 am
(936) 825- 4225 Ext 6127
A child's trust is the hardest thing to gain and the easiest thing to lose...