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Navasota JH Choir

Welcome to Navasota Junior High Choir! I am Ron DonLevy, and I am excited to be starting my 24th year in education and my second year as the junior high choir director. I really appreciate the warm welcome I have received so far in Navasota ISD. My wife is a first grade teacher in Jersey Village and I have two children. My daughter, Marina, is married, has a Master’s Degree from UH, and is the director of a museum in Houston. My son, Skylar, is starting his junior year as a computer science major at UT in Austin. I also have an adorable puppy named Sadie.
Planning:  9:52 - 10:44 am                                     Charms Office 
5th period: Sixth grade Boys' Choir                    (link on your home computer)
6th period: Tenor / Bass Choir                                        - OR  -
7th period: Varsity Treble Choir                                Charms Blue
8th period: Sixth grade Girls' Choir                     (app for your phone or tablet)