In recognition of their invaluable contributions to the district, the NISD School Board voted Monday night to raise the salaries of instructional aides, secretaries, LVNs, maintenance personnel, and child nutrition staff by an impressive 18% for the 23-24 school year. Additionally, counselors, principals, and administrators will receive a well-deserved 5% salary increase.
The district's commitment to providing an exceptional education is further exemplified by the enhancement of supplemental program stipends. Academic, performing arts, and athletic stipends will also be increased, ensuring that Navasota ISD remains at the forefront of offering comprehensive opportunities and programs for students, while keeping up with regional and state averages for salaries and stipends.
This recommendation by the NISD administration, and approval by the NISD School Board reflects the district's commitment to the well-being of its students and the recognition of the invaluable work performed by its employees. By investing in the professional growth and financial security of its staff, NISD reinforces its commitment to fostering an environment where both students and employees can thrive.
NISD Superintendent, Dr. Stu Musick, stated, "We believe that attracting and retaining exceptional talent is essential to providing an excellent and well-rounded education. The salary increases and enhanced stipends are a testament to our commitment to supporting and valuing our employees and district-wide programs."
The NISD School Board and administration would like to express its deep gratitude to the community for their continued support, which enables the district to invest in its greatest asset—its employees.
This pay increase comes on the heels of the NISD School Board approving a $50,000 starting salary and salary step scale increase for teachers, RN's, and Librarians for the 2023-2024 school year.
To view the latest salary schedules for employees please visit the district website at>Departments>Human Resources