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Mrs. Bowers - Theatre Arts

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Theatre Arts 1-3


Course Description 

Welcome to Theatre!   This year’s Theatre classes  will have everyone using and developing their gifts in areas such as acting, voice, movement, tech and leadership.  Specifically, you the student, will be involved as a creator, a performer, a historian, and a critic. The best part about Theatre is that it builds you as a person.  The experiences you will share in this classroom will not be always learned from a textbook, but through various practices and situations you will encounter through class experiences.  You will develop emotionally, physically, intellectually, imaginatively, and socially. 

Tentative Course Schedule

Nine Weeks 



Etiquette, Mime, Movement, Voice and Diction, Stages, Greek Theatre  History


Dramatic Structure, Play Reading, Mystery Playwriting, Creating Character/Puppets, Roman History


Tech Theatre, Elizabethan Theatre History


Scene Work, Eastern Theatre Traditions

Specific Course Objectives & Concepts 

  • Speech
  • Movement
  • Improvisation 
  • Acting 
  • Theatre History
  • Technical Theatre/Design 
  • Playwriting

Required Materials 

  • 1 pocket folder with brads
  • 1 Clipboard (optional) 
  • Pen or pencil

Course Evaluation

Daily Assignments


Major Assignments & Presentations





Student Expectations 

  • 15/15 Rule- students may NOT go the restroom during the first and last 15 minutes of class.
  • Remain Seated (unless instructed otherwise)
  • Be respectfu
  • No Devices
  • Keep Area Clean
  • Participate


Daily Participation Exit Ticket

At the close of each class, students are expected to complete the TAG exit ticket.

T- Tell me something you learned today.

A- Ask a question.

G- Give an example of something you learned today.


A Note About Safety: 

In the Theatre class, it is vital that safety, not only physical, but emotional is maintained.  Anyone that enters our classroom does not deserve to be mistreated in any way.  Improper criticism, threats, humiliation, accusations or expectations have no place in our class.  In order to be able to take risks and develop as a person, each individual needs to feel extremely safe. The physical safety of each student is important as well.  Clothing needs to be appropriate for movement and classroom activities.  Proper warm-ups need to take place in order to prepare each student for the activities of the day.  In addition, the proper closure and debriefing needs to occur after particularly emotional scene work or activities.  At times, there will be materials used that require extra safety precautions.  This may be include the climbing of ladders, or using power tools, as well as smaller instruments like utility knives or hot glue guns.  The correct safety of these materials must be practiced in order for everyone to remain safe.   Common sense and awareness needs to be practiced in the Drama classroom.  Despite it being a class that does not require you to sit in desks and rows does not mean that safety can be set aside.  Please use caution both physically and emotionally while in our Drama class.  

Take Note: In addition to scheduled class work and activities, there may be field trips, productions and rehearsals outside of regular scheduled class time. Be prepared to attend these special activities.ext here...