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Welcome Page


Welcome to 8th Grade Science 

The best way to contact me is by email. [email protected]

Wednesday after school at 4:10.
Additional times available as needed, just let me know.
Conference Time: 
4th period 10:44- 11:31
Here are the units for the year and the order we will be studying them:

1st 9 Weeks

  • Unit 1: Atoms and the Periodic Table
  • Unit 2: Chemical Formulas and Reactions

2nd 9 Weeks

  • Unit 3: Force and Motion
  • Unit 4: Weather

3rd 9 Weeks

  • Unit 5: Forces that Change the Earth
  • Unit 6: Space
  • Unit 7: The Universe

4th 9 Weeks

  • Unit 7: The Universe Continued
  • Unit 8: Interdependence in Living Systems

Supplies needed 

  • Science Binder
  • Dividers
Google Classroom is your biggest resource. 

Please visit google classroom for updated classwork, notes and information.