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Beginning Band

This band is made up of students with little to no instrumental music experience. After instrument selection, each band member will be divided into like instrument groups during regular class times with full rehearsals being scheduled as needed. A structured combination of beginner method materials and simple concert band literature will encourage growth and development. Below you will find a schedule breakdown of the Beginning Band classes by instrument.
  • 1st Period (8:00-8:52) - Assist w/High School Band
  • 2nd Period (8:56-9:48) - Conference
  • 3rd Period (9:52-10:44) - Symphonic Band
  • 4th Period (10:48-11:38) - Concert Band
  • LUNCH (11:38-12:14)
  • 5th Period (12:18-1:08) - Beginning Band
  • 6th Period (1:12-2:02) - Beginning Band
  • 7th Period (2:06-2:56) - Beginning Band
  • 8th Period (3:00-3:50) - Beginning Band